T-Shirt Quilts

I'm soooooo happy with the T-Shirt quilts!!

When I saw them in person I was even more impressed!!!


T-Shirt Quilts

Do you have a drawer filled with t-shirts that you just can’t part with?

Team, school, travel or concert shirts.

Let me turn them into a memory quilt.

You supply the shirts and I do the rest.


All prices are for quilts made using 12" blocks using your t-shirts.

There is an extra charge for blocks bigger than 12" or for pieced blocks.

When figuring out the selection of your shirts, keep in mind that I may be able to use the backs if they have printing on them.

Select shirts that are in good condition, stain free and avoid ones that are too worn from wash and wear.

Once the quilt top is made it will be added to a layer of batting and coordinating backing fabric.

It is then machine quilted on my computerized longarm machine using and all over design and then completed with binding on all 4 sides.


16 Blocks

20 Blocks

24 Blocks


4 rows across and 4 rows down




4 rows across and 5 rows down




4 rows across and 6 rows down




30 Blocks


5 rows across and 6 rows down




49 Blocks

Above prices are for basic blocks.

Additional pricing for Premium and custom blocks


7 rows across and 7 rows down



Hockey Jersey Quilts

Also knows as a Canadian growth chart.

Don't know what to do with all those team jerseys, socks, and other memorabilia from when they first started out playing hockey

or any other team sport?

Let me make them into a keepsake quilt.

Depending on the size of the jersey, blocks will be made into either 12" or 17" blocks,

pieced together, layered with batting and flannel backing fabric,

quilted with an all over meandering design than finished off with a coordinating binding all around the edges.

Screenshot (624).png


$30 per block

Screenshot (774).png