Things to know

Preparing your quilt for quilting

Batting needs to be a minimum of 6" bigger than the top.

Backing needs to be a minimum of 8-10" longer and wider than the quilt top.

The 3 layers are loaded on to the machine separately, so please do not pin or baste the pieces together.

If there is a specific top and bottom to the quilt top or backing please mark them.

If you have made a pieced backing, keep in mind it is impossible to  perfectly center them on the frame.

Clip all loose threads on the top as these might get caught on the machine.

Be careful with prepackaged batting, they do tend to have some spots that are fuller.

Batting is included in the quilting price.

I have many edge to edge designs available, if you don't see one that you like, we can work together to find one that will perfectly suit your quilt.

Quilting is done on a computerized APQS machine.​​

Payment and Shipping

Once the quilting if finished I will send you a invoice that all you have to do is click on the link to submit payment.

Or payment can be made in person.

Items over $150 are free shipping within Canada and outside of Canada shippng rates are available upon request.

How much will it cost?


This is easily calculated by multiplying the length X width of the quilt top.

This will give you the total square inches of your quilt.

Next multiply the total square inches by $0.03.

Example: A quilt top that measures 60"x82"=4920 square inches.

Multiply by $0.03=$147.60

Batting and thread are included in the price, there is a small fee for variegated thread.

There is a minimum charge of $50 per quilt